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Whether your project involves a light polishing or a full-scale restoration, our technicians can handle the job expertly and efficiently.

Our services can make an old marble or dull terrazzo floors look new by grinding away the worn top surface to reveal the natural layer underneath. Our restoration process includes grinding and polishing which uses diamond abrasives and polishing mixture to restore a brilliant shine to marble, terrazzo, and other surfaces.

The Restoration Process

Grinding: The floor is ground flat with corse metal bonded diamonds to flatten the floor and to open the pores of the stone. Grinding the floor will harden the surface of the stone providing protection.

Polishing: This process is done with only the finest diamond abrasives and polishing powders available. Polishing your stone will deliver deep clarity and a high shine to your stone's surface.

Crystallization: Produces a mirror image or wet look on the floor.

Sealing: Provides a powerful protection against oil and water soluble stains, as well as providing slip resistance.

When restoration is not necessary or appropriate, our strip, polish and seal services are excellent maintenance practices for marble, slate, limestone, granite, terrazzo and ceramic tile. We use the most durable sealants to defend against spills and grime.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please give us call us at 1-877-704-5677 a professional representative will gladly answer to all your queries and concerns.

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