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Old, dull or cracks on your terrazzo floor?
What we can do to help.

Terrazzo floors contain marble chips of different sizes and colors and it is held together with a cement base or in newer application held together with a resin or epoxy base.  Some terrazzo floors, are often covered with carpet and tile, leaving the floor with residues of wax, glue, stains, nails and holes.

At High Gloss Marble Florida, we offer complete care of your terrazzo by repairing and restoring your terrazzo floor, including patching holes, removing tile or carpet and grinding nails.

Using the proper cleaners and care products your terrazzo floor will be looking like new for many years and with minimum maintenance. Your terrazzo floor is polished naturally and can achieve a gloss or matte finish at your convenience.

Pictures do speak louder than words. Please see in our Terrazzo gallery some of our before and after work.

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